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Obrana doktorskog rada pristupnika Jadranka Batiste održat će se u petak, 5. siječnja 2018. u 11:00 sati na Prirodoslovno-matematičkom fakultetu sveučilišta u Splitu, u prostoriji B3-53. Detaljnije ovdje



New generation of PhD students is now enlisted, consisting of Vedran Ivanić, Martina Perić, Tomislav Primorac and Sanda Raić.



We are glad to announce that Biophysics PhD programme is now classified under Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences.


The Rules & Regulations of Biophysics PhD programme (Pravilnik in Croatian language) will be adjusted to these changes, according to Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia Issue No. 50/2015 of 22nd April 2015. pp 99. (i.e. page 5 of this document)


Welcome from the Programme Head

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When I was graduate student of physics the question What is life? seemed to me the most important question in the world worthy to spend a lifetime of research in answering it. I am still excited about that question and grateful to opportunities my life presented in solving different life mysteries.
Prof. Dr.  Davor Juretić in his workplace

When we are enthusiastic about big and important questions it tends to advance our carrier in unexpected directions. I found that serendipity is closely associated with biophysics, probably due to fertile ground of interdisciplinary research.  It led me from theoretical physics to experimental biophysics, from bioenergetics to structural bioinformatics and biomedicine, and finally back to advances in irreversible thermodynamics inspired by unusual physical properties of living cells.
We are now on a verge of developing proper tools to model the amazing complexity of life. These novel capabilities, you will learn during PhD study of biophysics, are arriving in the nick of time, because priceless genetic richness of life is fast disappearing due to what we call the progress of civilization.
The PhD program in biophysics in Split offers a possibility of completing doctoral work with the highest international standards and represents a strong foundation for an independent scientific and research career in academia or industry. This program was also created in the nick of time to enable blossoming of biophysics in Croatia after long hibernation. The collaboration among biophysicists from Split and Zagreb with some new centers of exelence established in Split  (ICAST, MedILS) was  the foundation for establishing our programme.
Our priorities for future collaboration among PhD students and accomplished biophysicists are to strengthen the international components of the program, to develop stronger experimental foundations not only in Zagreb, but also in Split, and to develop stronger ties with structural bioinformatics and biomedicine community. Hopefully, certain weaknesses of the program like the lack of system biology training will be corrected during next several years with the help of our international partners.
 Davor Juretic's signature
Prof. Dr.  Davor Juretić, programme head