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Obrana doktorskog rada pristupnika Jadranka Batiste održat će se u petak, 5. siječnja 2018. u 11:00 sati na Prirodoslovno-matematičkom fakultetu sveučilišta u Splitu, u prostoriji B3-53. Detaljnije ovdje



New generation of PhD students is now enlisted, consisting of Vedran Ivanić, Martina Perić, Tomislav Primorac and Sanda Raić.



We are glad to announce that Biophysics PhD programme is now classified under Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences.


The Rules & Regulations of Biophysics PhD programme (Pravilnik in Croatian language) will be adjusted to these changes, according to Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia Issue No. 50/2015 of 22nd April 2015. pp 99. (i.e. page 5 of this document)


Advice for foreign students

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Our PhD programme in biophysics is fully compatible with the EU standards in education and all courses are taught in English.  Foreign students (non-Croatian citizens) are encouraged to apply.  The enrollment requirements for foreign students are the same as those for Croatian nationals (excluding the need to present a proof of Croatian citizenship) with following additions.

1) foreign students enrolled into our PhD programme are obliged to apply for official recognition of their foreign diploma with the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education.  Further details about the procedure.

2) foreign students are obliged to obtain a permission for temporary stay in Croatia with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Croatia.  Further details about the procedure.
3) you can find relevant travel information here.